Cool/Hot Collar Bandana


Unique new product that helps your pet handle cold and heat!



This newly developed bandana is made with 100% cotton, plastic snaps and is fully lined.  It is reversible, and can be immersed in water to help cool your pet. The snaps on the side and in the middle allow for 2 “pockets” where cool or warm pads/products can be placed to help cool down or warm up your pet.  With heat waves and cold waves this is the perfect accessory to help your dog.  So easy to put on and keep on by feeding their collar through the top area above the pockets. Placing the cool/hot product in to the compartment you wish to use, snap it closed so it will hold it in place.

Please use caution when using on short haired/hairless dogs as you can place a cool/warm item in it that is too hot/cold for them; resulting in burning them, if it too hot, or actually giving them frost bite, if it is too cold. As a precaution, we recommend you wrap them prior to putting any products in the bandana.

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