Let me ask you a question, “How do you handle challenges that enter your life?”

Do you…

  1. Scream and cuss?
  2. Cry?
  3. Pray?
  4. Figure out a work around?
  5. Ask for help?
  6. Do all 5???

Well, if you are me you do number 6.  Yep, I’m a drama queen.  I may not seem that way to some of you because I do 1-3 inside – yes, even crying.  And, oh, #5, is THE hardest thing for me to do with anything… whether it is challenges or everyday stuff.

I recently encountered a self made challenge…

I sliced my index finger on my left hand.  So I did add something to that list.  I danced around holding my finger like a mad  woman.  At the same time I followed the list, a little out of sequence though.  Did 1-3, skipped to 5 (because I knew I would need help to bandage it), then started working on #5.

So now I am learning how to type with 9 digits (which is totally challenging).  Keep hitting “R” instead of “T”…. and other letters creating words that make what  “auto correct” does when it changes what you type look innocent.

I am asking your help… please let me know if I miss-typed something either here, on my website (any where), and on my Newsletter.

Oh, and let me know if you follow my list, or if you have your own… please share it.

Hopefully, typing better next week…