Recently, at the Show Low Farmer’s Market and Art Walk, I met a wonderful woman named Lisa B, While there she purchased an XXS Hook & Loop Bandana for her little cat.

She went home, to the Phoenix area, and found that it was a perfect fit for her cat, Red. Shortly afterwards reached out to me, saying Red’s birthday was approaching and asked if I could make her a  Birthday Hook & Loop Bandana, of course I said, “Yes!” Since then I found out the story behind Red, and I asked Lisa if I could share their story along with some pictures. Lisa graciously agreed.

So here is their story as told by Lisa.


Red and Lisa Celebrating the joy she brings to all around her.

It is Red’s 1st Birthday today, September 17th, she came into our lives on October 4th 2018 from Pinal County Animal Care and Control as a foster. On October 25th I accidentally rocked over her while sitting in my rocking chair bending over to pick up a shoe lace. She was smashed under my chair. We didn’t think she would even make the drive to Coolidge Vet to be able to save her precious little life. But she did. Thanks to all of the hard work for Dr Audie Wood, Dr Pete and the rest of the staff she made it. Since then she has brought so much joy to all she encounters. Yes, she is disabled but she is also incredibly precious.

From what I understand this little kitten is very unique. Most orange cats are males, not females. I thought she is so cute, that I wanted to keep her. And I decided to foster her till she was eating on her own… it was a few days before I was scheduled to give her back to the rescue that the accident happened. I still wanted to adopt her, and did from the Animal Shelter. Now her life continues to bring joy to those who encounter her.

When we had her party on September 17th, it was her first birthday, that is why the little bandana you made her with the one candle on it was perfect. The party was at the Coolidge Veterinary Clinic with all the doctors and staff. We celebrated with pizza, and cake. And Red got presents and cards. She now weighs a little over 4 lbs. The new picture was a couple of days after I got her.

I want to thank everyone at Coolidge Veterinary for your help and not giving up on Red.

Here are some pictures from Red’s 1st Birthday Party!

Katelyn loving on Red

Let’s Party

Dr Pete getting some cuddles in

Red Arrived in Style

Red and Lisa celebrating her 1st birthday!

Her special attire to celebrate her birthday