Welcome to our new Blog! – It’s All About… DOGS & PEOPLE!

I hope to provide information that will …

  • help you with your dog
  • help your dog with you
  • help you as a human


My first question is do you have a dog? Or are you planning on getting a puppy/dog in the near future?

If you have a dog, I hope to share tips on taking care of them,

  • training them
  • feeding them
  • housing them
  • my specialty: clothing them!

If you are still in the planning/looking stages of acquiring a dog, I hope to supply you with information and links to ascertain what type of dog would be best for you, where you can find dogs that desperately need homes (local shelters), and the best way to prepare your home and family for the new addition.


My second question is, “What about you?” I hope to give insights on how to help you understand how a pet (dog/puppy in this case) can help keep you healthy emotionally, how to take care of yourself, and give tips on cooking, cleaning, and anything else you’d like to learn about!


Thirdly, I will be discussing things about Mountain Paws LLC and me. I hope to be as transparent as I can be about my business, as I learn about starting a business as a senior, balancing life as a wife, mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother with family scattered across the United States, how to live on a budget, and how to learn a new trade. I make custom hand-crafted dog clothing and hadn’t touched a sewing machine in over 30 years, when I started this!

I will be providing information on a weekly basis through this blog. I am also doing a monthly newsletter about our store and miscellaneous tidbits, so you can sign up to receive that too.
I hope you will join me each week and offer any comments, topics you would like to hear about, etc.

Signing out… until next week,